We love to code

What's the best way to show a Brand?

We are convinced that brands should be presented to be lasting, emotional, and should provide the best possible user experience on the web and in the apps. Only then can the core of a brand unfold in the minds of people, and leave a lasting impression. In this context, we help well-known agencies, and studios to create high-quality digital products fast, and with agilely.

How do we show who we are?

We work as “Digital Ninjas”, often obscure in the background. Our partners, when the need arises; when they are looking for a team of specialists or a specialist network, who are focused on fast solutions for the various application scenarios that are needed, contact us. In contrast to individual freelancers, our team of professionals, each with different disciplines, working together effectively, reliably, and coordinated.
Our focus is on the areas of consulting, development, content migration, data preparation, and testing.

We love what we do.
Our Values

Win / Win

Fair-Play, Loyalty, Teamwork, Trust, Responsibility


Facing clarity and transparency instead of looking the other way.

Innovation / Evolution

Creativeness, keep it simple and smart, Mission oriented.


Sustainable, Solution oriented, testewas

How may we help you?

For over 20 years we've researched, developed, and experimented with the latest hardware, and software. Because we are curious, we are constantly expanding our horizons for new possibilities, frameworks, and trends. We are currently working with the following technologies:

HTML(5) / CSS / JavaScript
Objective C
Adobe Air
Windows und Mac
Web (SaaS, cloud solutions)
Android, iOS


Which brands have we worked for?

Would you like to get to know us better?

As a young Studio, we have a development office in Amberg. 10 developers and designers form our competent team, which has a wide range of talents and specialties. In our building, we have our own training facility equipped with the latest technology, for groups of up to 8 people. Furthermore, we`ve setup a new project office in Heidelberg, to ensure for short distances to our customers and partners, so that we can stay in close and personal contact with them.

We are looking forward to your visit, or hearing from you!